Ears are not just for listening


If you ever feel that self care needs to take up a chunk of time, here’s a simple 2 mins self care routine for you.
Do you know that our ears have a TREASURE TROVE of acupressure points? And because our ears are so small, its easy to just grab an oil and apply on our ears. You can do it while you are on the go or simply practise box breathing to center yourself as you rub the oil on your ears.
Box Breathing:
Inhale for 4 counts
Hold your breath for 7 counts
Exhale for 8 counts
If you are feeling scattered, frazzled or anxious, this breathing technique will help you come back into your body instead of being overwhelmed by your emotions or thoughts.
What oils to use?
I love Geranium as it has wonderful emotional releasing, healing and balancing properties. However if you feel called to use some other oils, please do! My other favourites are Frankincense, Sacred Frankincense and Valor.
P.S. I’ve also enclosed emotional and physical acupressure points for the ears in the first 2 comments.

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