Baby Juvia’s Sleep Pouch


Here’s my sleep pouch for Juvia. She’s 19 months going on 20 and depending what the situation calls for, I use different oils:
1. Valor roll on is formulated to address emotions. So this is calming, grounding and steadies her.
2. Rutavala is used when she’s been having screaming episodes at night at 3 am. A good blend to quieten brain activity before sleep, this oil eases her throughout the night and hence no screams.
3. Gentle Baby is Juvia’s favourite oil for bedtime.
4. Dream Catcher helps with night terrors (not nightmares) and I used it in combination with Rutavala.
5. White Angelica to protect her from bad dreams and spirits.
And of course thanks to 7 Hummingbirds for their awesome slim eo pouches!

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