Be gone, Procrastination


When procrastination hits me and my hacks around it. 😁

1. Done is better than perfect
Perfection is a myth anyway and also a time sucker and never ending spiral.

2. Break ur task into 2 mins baby steps
If your task looks huge, it would be more helpful to break them down to little steps. I usually try for 30 mins little steps but when it’s something I have to do and cannot delegate, 2 mins might help to rev up my engine. See this post for more details –

3. Focusmate
You can go to and try their free service. Basically you book either 25 or 50 mins slots and the platform will pair you up with a work buddy. You say hello to each other on video, tell each other what you want to achieve in that session and then get to work. End of session, you tell each other on progress and done! I usually schedule 3 sessions each workday to keep me chugging along.

4. Use your oils!
Motivation is very good. Valor if you are afraid of taking on something new or unfamiliar. Light Your Fire is great for lighting your ass up, lol. Joy for well, we can always choose how we feel right?

Do you have any procrastination hacks?

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