Some years ago, I picked up this book second hand from Amazon. It was written by the Young Living founder Gary Young and I was fascinated how many tidbits there are inside. Though second hand, these are treasured copies and I had to snag this for well over $100. The next copy was selling at $500.

Here’s one tidbit that you might be interested to know… on how Gary chose what oils to use for the YL blends.
In 1992, it was discovered that essential oils have a bio-electrical frequency measured in hertz, megahertz and kilohertz. This is also when Gary Young worked with Bruce Tanio of Eastern State University to test the frequency of essential oils and the human body.

What was discovered is that eos hold a substantially higher frequency than most of the other things out there. The human body usually clocks in at 62 – 68 hertz while the human brain clocks between 72 – 78 hertz. Sometime the brain can go as high as 90 hertz during activities such as studying for exams, using their minds a lot or even those with psychic abilities.
If the frequency in the left and right brain lopes differ by more than 3 Hz, a mild headache will develop. If 10 or more Hz, then a migraine will appear. So Gary, through his blending of oils, made a blend that when you inhale in, it will correct the imbalance in the brain and clear the headache in a few seconds. Some of the oils used in this blend are Lavender, Chamomile and Helichrysum.

He also created a blend thru its combined frequency, help to improve memory and mental accuracy too. This blend has Cardamon, Rosemary and Basil and Peppermint.

Have a guess at what these 2 blends are! 😉

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