Cypress = Circulation: Creating flow for your body, mind and emotions

Cypress Essential Oil is derived from the branches of the majestic cypress tree. Its used to support both physical and emotional well-being.

Respiratory Support: Its refreshing aroma can help clear congestion and ease breathing, making it particularly beneficial in times of respiratory discomfort.

Emotional Balance: With its calming and grounding effects, cypress essential oil can help promote emotional balance and stability. Whether you’re experiencing stress, anxiety, or the pressures of daily life, diffusing or applying this oil topically can help create a soothing atmosphere and support emotional well-being.

Circulation and Energy Boost: It is used to support healthy circulation. When applied topically, it can help stimulate blood flow and reduce the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite. Additionally, its invigorating aroma can provide a natural energy boost and help combat feelings of fatigue or sluggishness.

I used it to support the blood circulation on my legs, as I have a pre-existing condition that will cause my blood to clot more easily and also history of Deep Vein Thrombosis. This is one of my Must Have Essential Oils. 

I have members who used this to help stop Nose Bleed by applying Cypress at another part of the body away from the face because it will direct the blood circulation to that area instead.

Grounding and Balancing: Cypress essential oil has been used for centuries for its grounding and balancing properties. It can help create a sense of stability and security, allowing you to find your center amidst the challenges of motherhood. Diffuse cypress essential oil during meditation or quiet moments to foster a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

“Focus Pocus” blend for diffusing

2 drops Cypress

4 drops Lemon

2 drops Rosemary

“Pick Me Up” blend for diffusing

2 drops Cypress

2 drops Lavendar

4 drops Peppermint


Contributed by Claryn Neo

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