Isovon: Embracing Indonesian traditional remedies for women wellness


I thought that my hormones and menses were all fine and dandy until I hit my mid forties. Suddenly Aunty Flow went MIA and I was wondering what happened. There were months that my boobs felt tender but she didn’t come visit. Or she came so briefly and went off before I could prepare *ahem* a more suitable reception for her. 

So when Young Living introduced the latest women’s hormonal balance supplement and I heard how quick it got someone’s period back (like Day 1!), I was intrigued. Many of the ingredients are part of the Indonesian heritage in natural herbal remedies. 

Result? I took Isovon after 3 months of not having my period, and on the 4th day, viola! My period came and all was right with the world. 

Here’s some guidelines on taking Isovon: 

  • Take 2 capsules daily
  • Once your period arrives, pause Isovon. 
  • Resume again after Aunty Flow left town

For those who are trying to conceive, during early stage preparation it could be helpful to take it for a week. If one did not conceive during the month, you can resume Isovon again. 

For a wonderful pregnancy, we all need to ensure that our bodies are robust and our wombs resilient. Pregnancy can be an enjoyable journey and not a complicated one with severe morning sickness and back pain. Many women focus on diet for the baby but few work on having a healthy reproductive system before getting pregnant. 

As a disclaimer and peace of mind, you might want to consult your wellness or medical practitioner for an overall approach on your health regime.

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