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This month I have been traveling back to back! Like travel to one country, come back then fly off the next day. In fact I have been travelling frequently this year, averaging out to 1 business trip per month.
I noticed that I feel especially run down when I am back. Like fatigued and I have events after that, the chances of falling sick is higher. Plus my Zyto scan has noted that I have high inflammation in the body especially in the gut.
So here is what I have brought for my Nov trips to beef my health up. After all its family time and school holidays in Dec and I want to be in good shape for my family:
Because of all the walking here and there, unfamiliar pillows and bed, cramped air flight seats. AgilEase helps me to stay loose and nimble and not stiffen up like a corpse.
Great for skin, hair, nails and general cellular renewal. Unfamilar climates take a toll on my skin especially when my skin is so used to the high humidity in Singapore. The tendency of drying out and breaking out in rashes is high so Sulfurzyme keeps me looking good.
The zymes
Essentialzymes, Essentialzymes-4, Detoxzymes. As we age, we have lesser enzymes in the body to help us digest. And if our digestion doesn’t do well, it cannot pull nutrients from food to repair and nourish the body. There are different enzymes for digesting plants, meat, fat and carbohydrates so I takes these.
Have you ever wonder why sometimes losing weight can be hard despite eating sensibly and working out? It really could be due to the lack of enzymes to break down fats in the body.
Another bonus of having an abundance of enzymes in the gut is that you may experience a huge increase in energy too since the gut is a lot more efficient in digesting the food you eat.
We are going to Japan! We are so gonna whack the sashimi! Do you know that the Japanese take a deworming pill once every 6 months to get rid of the parasites found in sashimi? So I use Parafree to safeguard my gut from them. (I’ve seen blood samples before with parasites in them – not pretty)
My poor liver takes a lot of stress from the travels and the hectic pace I set for myself. So taking this helps me maintain better liver health.
I do bring other supplements too like my beloved Ningxia Red and Nitro but these above will be the ones I have used in my Nov trips to stay in tip top condition for the rest of the year!

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