Enjoying bath-time on another level


Recently bathing has been a therapeutic experience for me! To be honest, I’ve bought these 2 some months ago but only had a chance having a crack at them last week.
The one that caught my heart was Evening Peace. Omg omg, if you love floral accents in your shower and bath time, THIS IS PERFECT. I love it so much that I am thinking HOW i can recreate it as a perfume too. 😄 Bathing has now shifted from a practical “let’s get the dirt off ASAP” thing to a “Mmmmmm… mmmmm…. MMMMM!” experience.
When I smell Morning Start, honestly I wasn’t as excited about it as Evening Peace. But with some early start mornings these 2 weeks, I realised that Morning Start ahaha really jolted me up from my sleepiness.
It’s nice to have something as mundane as bath time to become a mini self care experience for me!

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