Enjoying Gem Elixirs

With the Blood Moon that came 2 nights ago;
Energies were rising and for some, there is heightened anxiety and restlessness,
Giving rise to conflicts, tension and anger.

A group of us came together to make gem elixirs. Which is simply to infuse certain crystals to our purified or filtered water and then offering it to Father Sun.
When the taste testing come, it was amazing to taste the magic of how crystals + sun transformed plain old water.

💧Blue Agate infused water taste smooth, almost like a cream texture, such a treat for the throat that wants to speak its truth and communicate its essence to the world.
☀️ Citrine was sunshine dancing in between the sparkles of the water, light, playful, happy on our tongues.
❄ Clear quartz simply energises the plain water, higher vibing to our highest good.

🪨 And there is grounding protective Black Tourmaline, where it gives the denseness, mineral-ly taste to our water, to shield us from what that does not serve.
As we bid each other good night over Zoom, I had an idea. What if I add the Black Toumaline water to our diffusers and diffuse Joy for the night? There has been tension at home, conflicted activities, broken by restless sleep these couple of nights.

This morning I woke up, refreshed. I‘ve slept longer, better. The household is peaceful, just stirring to life after the past few frenetic nights. I will do another round of crystal infused diffusing today. 🙂

Not all crystals can be in direct contact in water, especially for drinking or for body usages.

You want to look for crystals that are not toxic and MOH hardness of at least 6 and above.

Blue Agate, Citrine and Clear Quartz fit the bill here but Black Tourmaline does not. So our Black Tourmaline was placed in an empty glass and the glass is placed in a glass bowl of water. You can also use this method for all crystals if you feel icky about drinking water that has direct contact with crystals.

Use glass receptacles, and not plastic or ceramic or metal so that the strength of the sun (or even the full moon) can work with each crystal beautifully.
These waters can also be used for baths, foot soaks, DIY, animals (let them choose) and plants.

Happy playing!

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