Incan Melissa

Woooo I finally got part of my USA convention order and I wanted to share this oil I love! Incan Melissa!
Smells like creammmm and lemon, though Jonathan Teo says it smells like freshly cut grass.
While I haven’t use this oil extensively to understand the benefits, I believe it’s similar to the original Melissa. This is one oil that I will have extra bottles because it has gotten me out of some pinches before.
It’s great for:
– when your Thieves, Oregano, Thyme don’t work too well to defend against your family wellness, I call in BIG GUNS – Melissa, Egyptian Gold and Exodus II. Think of these oils as beefed up, supercharged soldiers!
– If you have recurring cold sores due to deep stress, and Tea Tree doesn’t work, try Melissa over it. Silent but deadly, this one. And of course…. please rest and do all the other things you need to do for the stress too.
– When Ju was 2, she had a 40 degrees fever. I was so frightened then because my once lively girl was lethargic and lifeless. She would just lay there and look at me, barely moving.
I needed to bring the temperature down to a more manageable fever before I would have to give up and run for the hospital. Besides sponging her down with cool water, we tried hydrating her and other oils. At my wits’ end, I applied Melissa on her repeatedly. Within 40 minutes, the fever went to 38 degrees. I’m so glad that her body with Melissa, did a 1-2 punch and defeated that fever!
Do you know that oils can train our natural defenses to combat external threats? And its possible to train the body to get better and better at it too. Talk about SHORTER recovery times!

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