Lemongrass Essential Oil is a commonly known essential oil used in aromatherapy and spas to promote relaxation and creates a positive atmosphere. Many people also used it as a natural alternative to chemical insect repellents and can help to keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay.

Here are more potential benefits that are based on traditional use and anecdotal evidence, as well as some scientific studies. 


Muscle and Joint Support: The oil contains compounds like citral, geraniol, and limonene, which have anti-inflammatory properties. It may help in reducing inflammation when applied topically to sore muscles or joints. I would recommend diluting it with a carrier oil before applying to the affected area as Lemongrass Essential Oil is a hot oil.

Digestive support: Some people use lemongrass oil to help with digestive issues. It may aid in reducing bloating and relieving indigestion. You may dilute with a carrier oil before applying on your tummy.

Immune Support: Some research suggests that lemongrass oil may have immune-stimulating properties, which can support the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

Natural deodorizer: Lemongrass essential oil possesses antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which makes it useful for cleaning and disinfecting purposes. It may also help to purify the air and surfaces when used in cleaning solutions. The fresh and clean aroma of lemongrass makes it an excellent natural deodorizer for rooms, closets, and even shoes.

“A Breath of Fresh Air” blend for diffusing:

3 drops Lavender

3 drops Lemongrass

3 drops Eucalyptus


“Meditate” blend for diffusing:

4 drops Lemongrass

2 drops Sandalwood


“Peace + Calm” blend for diffusing:

4 drops Lemongrass

2 drops Clary Sage

1 drops Patchouli


Contributed by Claryn Neo

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