Make Up Hacks


Young Living products are really versatile and every so often, ingenious peeps would find multiple usages for the same product or even to combine 2 YL products for a great result!
Here’s what I have found in FB land for these make up hacks. As these are not created by me but contributed by various generous peeps, please try these at your own discretion:
1. Dip a YL lip balm in any Savvy eyeshadow, blush or multitasker for a tinted lip balm
2. Do you know that you can use the SM Primer + Foundation as a concealer? Or even the Seedlings Diaper Cream then layer over with Savvy Minerals foundation (try 1 shade lighter) or the matte Veil.
3. Rose or Animal Scent Ointment can double up as a lip balm besides sealing essential oils topically on the skin.
4. If you want a creamy foundation with SPF, try combining a Savvy Minerals foundation with the mineral sunscreen!
5. Besides washing your dishes clean, Thieves Dish Soap is also great for cleaning your make up brushes.

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