Master Cleanse Round 2


Master Cleanse Round 2!

I’ve been hearing so many good stories about it and a group of us did our Round 1 in July. Since then we have more people joining us in Aug and Sep. I’ve gotten a lot of messages asking me about it. Here’s deets:
You’ll need:
– Lemons
– Cayenne Pepper
– Grade A Maple Syrup
– Laxatives, either those herbal laxatives teas or you can do salt flush

You’ll need at least 8 servings of these daily for the 10 days of cleanse.

Each serving has:
– 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
– 2 tablespoons of maple syrup
– 1/10 teaspoons of cayenne pepper
– 240 ml of water

Basically this is an easy comfortable cleanse. You won’t feel hungry cos the maple syrup gives u the needed calories and nutrients. The lemon juice and cayenne pepper shreds up the gunk in you and both water and laxative tea helps you flush them out. So that helps your body to self heal too.
– Weight loss
– More energy
– Better sleep
– Your body is better able to tackle any long standing issues you’ve
– Better bowel movements
– Parasite clean up (we use essential oils and enzymes to boost this)
– Brighter skin

Would you want to do the Master Cleanse?

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