Negative energy cord cutting! What is it, why do it and some tips!

P.S. Oops I realised there’s background noise, from my fan. Whahaa sorry for that. Weather’s been really hot.
Here’s the 3 women I’ve learnt a lot from on negative energy cord cutting and keeping myself well in the mental and emotional space.
Ame from Ame De Lumiere Consultancy – check her out at @amepsychic on IG
Fiona Koh , my very lovely friend and Reiki teacher. She’s been has been such a wise and loving soul to me, and guiding me in this journey
Shamala Swee Bee Tan Her course on Psychic Defenses is eye opening! This is a great course if you want to deepen your experience and knowledge of negative energy, psychic attacks and how to protect yourself from it, including but not limited to, food choices and oils.
If you want a discount code for her course, please pm me.

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