Shelly the Turtle Diffuser


Shelly the Turtle has come out of her shell! This darling diffuser adds a splash of fun to playtime, bedtime, and all the times in between! It doubles as a night-light and sound machine. Fun and easy for kids to operate, this exclusive ultrasonic diffuser comes with a host of features to set the scene for sleep or play.



Multiple output options capable of diffusing essential oils through the night:

  • High-output mode: Runs approximately 5-6 hours continuously
  • Low-output mode: Runs approximately 8 hours continuously
  • Intermittent mode: Runs approximately 10 hours intermittently (1 minute on, 1 minute off) 

Night-light function

10 different lighting options to fit any mood

Light can run independently of diffuser mode

Built-in speaker with 5 white noise variations

Touch-sensitive controls simple enough for kids to use


Contributed by Stef







Contributed by Stef

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