Hydro Pod Misting Bundle: A constant stream of nutrients for your skin

This Tiffany coloured portable diffuser is back! This Hydro Pod is so handy and easy to carry thanks to its small size and can operate wirelessly. It also doubles up as a facial hydration booster on-the-go. The mist is strong, and it can last up to 1 hour in continuous mode.

It comes with a free Bloom Essential Oil which is the blend from all your skin benefitting essential oils (Jasmine, Davana, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Geranium, Sacred Frankincense, etc).

Add 2 to 3 drops of Bloom essential oils into the Hydro Pod water tank and turn the hydrating mist into a nutrient infused stream to nourish your skin.
Wonderful to use during the long haul flight too, to keep you refreshed.

When I had a stye on my eye, I actually used this Hydro pod. I added 2-3 drops of Frankincense and mist it continuously on my infected eye to ease the discomfort and to help hasten the recovery process.

Contributed by Chenny

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