Trauma Life


It’s quite funny…. amidst trying to meditate with a jammed up right shoulder and stiff neck, an image of oiling my neck and shoulders with Trauma Life promptly descended into my mind.
Which is really not my usual since my favourite go tos are Deep Relief and Cool Azul Pain Cream.
I’ve been working on my stooped shoulders and hunched back recently… but what’s really fascinating me is the emotional causes behind it. How I’m wired in stress and responsibilities.
At the start of the year, my energy healer Ame will remind me to keep my shoulders back, chest open to work to strengthen my heart chakra and manifesting. Ah so not for just keeping my posture better neh!
A chat with my chiropractor Ashley Liew yesterday and he said that yes when we are in fight or flight, or in stress, one could subconsciously round her shoulders and draw her chest inward as an instinct to protect herself.
My dad has really stooped shoulders and he’s quite hunched over too. ๐Ÿ™ And I’ve noticed that sometimes I feel scared when I open my chest up and pull my shoulders back.
I’ll be working more intentionally with reset exercises for my neck and back and will keep using these products too to support:
1. Bloom Collagen
2. Sulfurzyme
3. Raindrop
4. Valor
5. AgilEase
I’m curious to see if my state of mind and emotions will shift as well as my posture gets better!

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