When your body calls for oils


The other day I reached out for my Transformation eo. I tilt it close to my palm, intending to drip out 2 drops. To my amazement, Transformation literally gushes out and I ended up with about 8 drops.
That basically took a split second.
And that reminded me too when Winnie Fannon taught a raindrop session last year and shared that she would observe the speed of the eo dripping out as she hovers it over each third of the spine. In that day, Wintergreen came out a lot quicker and was easily double of what was dripping out for the other eos in the raindrop sequence. Winnie was walking at the same pace, with each bottle at the same height above the recipient’s back.
The oils are living energies and I believe that our bodies communicate to them how much we need. The quicker the eo drips out, I think it’s a sign that we need more of it. This is also the same concept advocated by C.A.R.E (Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education), the centre that certifies people as raindrop practitioners, headed up by Dr David Stewart.
Transformation is one of my daily oils and it usually drip out slow for me. That day I was sad and working through some heavy emotions when I reached out for it.
That was when it gushed out.
Do you have experiences like that with the same oil, same bottle? I’ll be curious to hear of it too.

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