2020 is my year of reset

2018 was not a good year for me.

It was a year that I experienced crisis after crisis, every 2 months for a good part of the year. Personal, family, work.
I came out of 2018, feeling sad, tired and fragmented.
2019 wasn’t much better either.
My energy was stuck, I easily burnt out and easily gave up. When I chose to push on, my body let me know in no uncertain terms that I needed to rest and take care of myself first.
It was also a year that I question… what really brings me joy?
I came into 2020, with a glimmer of hope. And I think there is much truth that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.
She told me,
“You have a lot of negative energy cords tied to your heart that came from others.”
She began to sever them for me. Some apparently were very old, and no longer relevant but were still hanging on me like wisps of smoke.
“You must work on shielding and grounding yourself better.”
But the real dinger came when,
“Your heart chakra is very weak because you tend to over give. You overthink. You worry too much about hurting others.”
Ouch. That’s the zinger that strikes home.
She told me many more things, about my throat, my energy, my current state of mind.
She doesn’t know about my history but she was able to pull out all these stuff, like as though I’m laid open like a book for her to read.
So 2020 is my year of reset.
Of focusing on what Faith wants.
(And not shelving her needs aside to a distant 4th or 5th position.)
In my 10 years of using YL essential oils, this is the first time I’ve finished using up a bottle of Rose just for myself, just for my heart.
It wouldn’t be the last either.
There are other oils I use daily too, like Peppermint, Endoflex, Palo Santo, White Angelica, Sacred Frankincense, for my throat, shielding and grounding. There are other modalities I use too to help myself – Himalayan salt baths, crystals, evocations, light massage, posture, heart healing exercises.
This journey has been going on about a month so far and I do feel better.
More grounded.
I’ve noticed that some stuff that would have majorly affected me, loosen their hold on me this time. Breathing through this…
May the rest of 2020 continues to be gracious and loving to me…
And to the rest of us. ❤❤

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