Helichrysum and Blue Tansy for healing cuts


So my son accidentally tore the skin on his knee yesterday and was crying badly. We carried him gingerly to my room and I started layering Helichrysum and Blue Tansy (which is why the skin around the injury is blue, not because he got a horrible bruise ok?)
Helichrysum is super good for very quick skin healing and I chose Blue Tansy to help reduce pain and sedate the nerves around the cut. Usually for cases like these or more severe, I’ve dripped oils once every few mins (no, u won’t overdose by doing a few drops at a time.)
2056 – first layer of Heli and BT. Before oiling, there was bleeding and needed to be staunched. He cried and said it hurts when the oils were dripped onto the area.
2108 – Bleeding has stopped and can see Heli knitting the top and bottom of the torn skin together. Dripping oils onsite doesn’t hurt now. Sol can bend and unbend his knee without tearing the wound open again.
After a few more times of oiling….
2143 – The wound has closed up even more, leaving the centre part still exposed. Skin is still soft so getting up and bending the knee didn’t hurt or aggravate the wound. That’s also the last application for the night. He changed into long pants for bedtime.
Next day, Sol woke up and checked his wound. The torn skin has finally knit together and everything is back to normal!

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