Getting rid of Juvia’s cough


So the mama has it and cleared it…her-modalities-2/ ‎ , and now I’m working on clearing Juvia’s cough.
It’s the March holidays now and Juvia is coughing. The strangest thing is she gets these coughs during the SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. Last Dec she caught it and I was oiling her during our Taiwan vacation. And now in March, this again. Why ah? It’s not the Covid19 because she doesn’t have a fever and the rest of us are absolutely fine despite her cough being some days already.
In the belief that illnesses come from emotional causes, I suddenly had an insight why Juvia catches these non contagious coughs. You see, when its school days, they only have 1/3 to 1/2 a day together for the weekdays. That’s very little time given that Ju still have homework and spelling tests to clear before she can play.
But! During weekends and school holidays, they are stuck together like paper on glue. Sol is sticky to his big sis and would insist that they play together for long periods of time much as Ju wants to have some quiet time to herself.
Ju is also a pretty good natured child. She does what we told her, pretty much all the time. With her bossy little brother, the jie jie tries to accommodate him most of the times until she can’t tolerate it.
This is what Jon and I usually do to tackle the physical aspect of her cough:
1. She’s been on daily Ningxia Red and Mightzymes to support her wellness and digestive tract.
2. She respond well to these oils – Northern Lights Black Spruce, Balsam Fir, Myrrh, Myrtle. She oils herself every 10 to 15 mins. Her cough usually starts as a dry cough, no phlegm. But left unoiled for a while and it will worsen to a breathless hacking cough. I rain dropped her a few times a day too.
3. It improves when her cough moves to a phlegmy cough. During this time, her coughing frequency lessens, but you can hear the phlegm. So Myrrh has been wonderful to break it up and dissolve it.
4. I expect this cough to clear up in 2 days, seeing how her physical symptoms have been like.
This is what I do to tackle the emotional aspect:
1. I spoke to her about her feelings with the holidays and with Sol. She does feel upset and she started crying when she talked about Sol. Sometimes she wishes that she has a little sister.
2. I rubbed some Frankincense on her throat to strengthen it emotionally. I’ll add Harmony down too.
3. She said she wanted some quiet time to herself before she plays with Sol. How much time do you want? Ten minutes and Sol agrees to it.
4. I’ve also reiki her for 3 consecutive nights too and noticed that she sleeps very well. No cough at all unlike previous times.
5. I think emotional root causes can take a while to unravel… so right now I would want to keep talking to her, keep encouraging her to express her feelings and not bottle them up.
We can do it!

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