If I were to look back at my health history and think, which ones were the major turning points in my life, I would say that one is my eczema.
The other is my spine.
And the last is my 2 year cough which I have finally cleared up. And am most grateful for, because it has taught me many invaluable lessons about my health… and also about me.
My intention of sharing this story about my cough and how I cleared it up is twofold. Firstly I want to encourage everyone out there to be the detective for your own health + emotions journey. If something isn’t working, why? And what can you do next?
Secondly because this post is delving into emotional root causes of illnesses, I invite you also, to dig deeper when you are using oils to support your emotions. For example, rather than diffusing Joy and expect that your blues will automatically dissipate, treat it as an opportunity to mull over your thoughts and beliefs as the oils gently shift your worldview to a different one.
Back to my cough….
My cough is a strange thing. While I have it for so long, on and off, no one in my family has EVER caught it from me. Even during those times when I coughed till the point I choked, or I coughed so hard till I peed in my pants. (Wahah yeah I know, TMI TMI.) 🙊🙊
I used to think that it’s an allergy cough, that I have sensitive airways and that I only need to apply certain oils and avoid certain food. But the cough still goes on until these incidents happen. Like puzzle pieces, they all click into place at the end.
🤨🤨 In a Zyto scan with Deny Sentosa, the oil that came up for me was Live With Passion. A friend also advised me to apply Harmony over my throat.
🤔🤔 These oils helped and it was when I started thinking it is something to do with my UNDERLYING EMOTIONS rather than a physical ailment.
🧐🧐 I referred to my trusty You Can Heal Your Life app by Louise Hay for coughs (second photo). This is a great book or app to check what are the underlying emotions and beliefs that created each illness. Especially when I have heard that over 80% of our illnesses starts with an emotional cause.
😥😥 However the cough still continues. Sometimes it’s better where the cough goes away completely. But it always return. It came to the point that close friends of mine would often comment… “Faith you are coughing again!” 😞😞
I felt that I had a lot of pressure (now that I look back, they were actually self imposed). 👊👊
I was cranky, frustrated, resentful.
The words “duties” and “obligations” weigh heavily on me.
And like an ox, I shoulder the yoke without questioning why.
Wanting to delve deeper and work with my body, I finally scheduled myself for a BodyTalk session. At that time in 2018, I was frankly, going through some bad patches in my life.
“I did not consent.”
was what my body told me during the BodyTalk session.
The practitioner Irene Khor noted that my lungs are clear and healthy but there was constriction in my diaphragm. Like the air and energy was stuck. She adjusted me energetically.
My chiropractor, the esteemed Dr Ashley Liew concurred too when he was tapping my body for a response. He noted that I was fatigued, needed fresh air and I need to slow down.
I understand what my body was trying to tell me. That I didn’t heed its protests (Listen to me! Just like in the second photo) and still kept plowing away. I’ve forgotten that if I am not in a good space, or exhausted, I CANNOT be there for my family nor serve others too.
I’m also learning that when I cough, especially when talking to people, or thinking particular thoughts, I have learnt to pause and ask myself, “Ok what do I REALLY want to say?” or “Why do I cough when I have this thought?”
Although it’s easy for us to say something different to what we truly feel, I’m also learning that our bodies couldn’t and will never lie.
This year has been about slowing down, giving myself grace for not being the PERFECT mom, the PERFECT wife and the PERFECT leader. Learning to lean into others and ask for help. Giving myself permission to go do things that have been fun for me like gaming and some other non business related creative endeavours.
When I had FUN,
FUN also flowed into the other areas of my life.
My cough disappeared.
P.S. now if I cough again, I recognise that it’s another new learning for me + a good reminder to practice what I’ve learnt above! #grateful

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