4 reasons why taking care of your joints start even when you are in your 30s


When I hurt my back some years ago, I was in a lot of pain. While my chiropractor really helped with the healing process, I’ve found AgilEase to really speed it up. I was getting ready to fly to Malaysia to conduct a talk and it was important that I could sit and stand for extended periods. At that time I was in my 30s. 


So I want to bust the perception that a joint health supplement is only for older folks. Here’s four reasons you’ll want to consider AgilEase for your joints and mobility EVEN before you are in 50s: 


  • Looking down at your phone or device which creates additional strain on your neck and shoulders 
  • Our lifestyles have become increasingly sedentary. Have you ever felt that you need a massage after sitting for some hours at your desk? 
  • Or you wake up and feel that you are stiff all over? The neck, shoulders and lower back feels exceptionally achy
  • As a parent, mobility is so damn important when carrying your kids, chasing after them or even going out on excursions with them or even sending them to classes each week 


In a 90-day study, participants taking AgilEase showed significant improvements in joint function, mobility, and flexibility compared to a placebo group. This demonstrates that AgilEase is not only unique but also an effective supplement for promoting joint health. 


AgilEase have these fascinating ingredients that really help: 


Frankincense resin powder – this has been used for centuries in traditional medicine practices to support joint health and reduce inflammation. 


UC-II undenatured collagen – This is a type of collagen that is derived from chicken sternum cartilage. It is a patented form of undenatured type II collagen that is different from other forms of collagen supplements because it is not hydrolyzed, meaning it is not broken down into smaller fragments.


UC-II collagen is known for its potential to support joint health and reduce joint discomfort. This is because undenatured type II collagen is a key component of joint cartilage, and some research suggests that consuming it may help the body’s immune system better tolerate and support joint health.


Studies have also shown promising results for reducing joint discomfort and improving joint function in people with conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. 


Calcium fructoborate – This is a complex of boron, calcium, and fructose. It is a naturally occurring plant mineral complex that is found in certain fruits and vegetables, including apples, pears, and raisins.Calcium fructoborate has been studied for its potential health benefits, particularly in regards to bone and joint health. It has been shown to support healthy bone density and joint function, as well as to help reduce inflammation and discomfort associated with joint conditions such as osteoarthritis.


In addition to its potential benefits for bone and joint health, calcium fructoborate has also been acknowledged for its potential role in supporting cardiovascular health, cognitive function, and immune system function. 

Get help for your joints today!


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