Digize whiteheads away


While I have been blessed with good skin, I noticed that over the past few years, I have these stubborn whiteheads appearing at my chin, more noticeably, near the corners of my mouth.
As a girl who tend to go very minimal in skincare (yes yes I am a lazy one when it comes to skincare), you might gasp in horror that I don’t usually apply moisturiser or toner (cos I tend to sweat these off in our muggy hot weather) and am usually just the “wash and go” kind of girl.
Ya so it was fun popping these whiteheads for a while… until it’s not so fun anymore when they became scars. Worse, every time I pop them, they seem to multiply AND come back bigger and more badass than before. 😨😨

I’ve tried Lemon and Tea Tree eos but these didn’t do much for me. So I asked 李芷妍, who has a deep deep knowledge of skincare beauty AND she’s an intuitive when it comes to oils for a person. Like she JUST KNOW what to use when she takes a look at me and my whiteheads.
“Faith ah, you stop squeezing these. And you can use DiGize on your chin.”
“Huh, why DiGize?”
“Well you know we have reflexology points on our face right? So where these are at, correspond to your colon.”
She went on to explain that DiGize, because of what’s inside in this blend is a good cleansing and detoxing oil. I have a vision of DiGize munching away at these pesky whiteheads. Ok I am game to try!
It’s quite nice to apply DiGize on my chin. It has that nice earthy warming sensation. Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of my before but here is my after! I am so pleased to report that the whiteheads (I used to have 3 to 4 prominent ones on this side) have either shrunk or disappear. Wah!

So just know that your oils are very very versatile ya! Besides for happy tums, I have also used DiGize for feeding my one and only plant and I’ve heard that it’s great for stubborn stains too.

Who would have thought!

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