Keeping December colds at bay!


I love December…. the coming of the end of the year plus the kids have school holidays so it means excursions, going out to play and new experiences! (Well I sometimes do wring my hands at these noisy kids and wish they are in school when they make a racket at home.)
I also love the chilly weather that Dec usually bring to sunny island Singapore…. what I DO NOT LOVE though is that because of the sun-rain-then sun weather, is where my family and I are susceptible to and catch a cold.

This year, all 4 of us fell sick within a week of each other! 4D anyone? ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘

Well… except for superhero me who have been very diligent with her Ningxia Red and Essentialzymes4, took a slower pace to life this year huhu and thus caught a pretty mild version of it. ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ

First it was Sol (must have been cos of getting caught in the rain and refusing to take a warm bath immediately). He had a fever and cough.
Then it was Ju! Phelgm and all that yucky congestion and a cough. Jon soon succumbed to it and he had body aches.

These are what we use… based on past experimenting and learning what works well for each of us:
1. Raindrop is a MUST MUST MUST for accelerated recovery. Oregano, Thyme and Basil are superheroes for kicking the nasties to the curb and all 3 recover within 2 days. The more sick one is, the more often we raindrop that adult/child.

Sol who was the most lethargic with the fever (remember fever is how the body raise its temperature to kill nasties), we raindrop as often as every 20 minutes. Sol gets Frankincense on soles too. He must have been pretty congested in his chest cos he puked a lot of yellow stuff (sorry TMI). He slept through the night and bounced back to health after that.
2. Everyone drinks up! Ningxia Red, good filtered water and rest rest rest. We plumped up pillows and blankets and take those days as slow days. Tissue boxes everywhere to clear clear clear.
3. For Juvia with her thick thick phlegm (ewww), the winner for her is Myrrh. It helps her to break it up, and teaches her body to expel it effectively when Eucalyptus Radiata was not so effective. She was listless too until Myrrh helped her to puke out the phlegm and then it was a fast ascent to recovery.
4. Jon went up to half a bottle of Ningxia Red each day besides the raindrop. And sleeping early at night and zzz up to 12 hours helps too.
5. I did succumb to a very mild version of the cold after all 3 have recovered. So it was lots of rest, more Ningxia Red and a couple of raindrops to shift from it. Thieves cough drops work wonders for my scratchy throat too and nice hot water with manuka honey and vitality Thieves in it.
6. We have Feather the Owl diffuser in the kitchen, an AromaLux and Diamond Diffuser in the living room. A diffuser in each bedroom. So I diffuse whatever oils that call out to me those few days. We have done Release, Tea Tree, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Raven, Palmarosa, citrus oils as everyone loll around at home and rest.

Does your family catch the cold too when it’s chilly?

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