Bad Knee

I have a wonky right knee for several weeks now. At its worst I’ve found it tricky to squat and getting up from sitting or sitting cross-legged. I would stagger a little getting up, thanks to the shaky knee.

I have been to my chiropractor 3x over the past 2 months with each time getting better and better. At its worst, I was told that the bone was poking out of alignment. Right now, it basically need some tuning up and realignment when I’m standing.

I have also done the usual supplements – AgilEase and Sulfurzyme to help with the ligaments and tendons there, besides supporting the body’s natural response to inflammation. Right now it’s mostly a twinge of discomfort if I shift direction sideways suddenly or if my younger jumps on my knee.
I’m also told to try to sit at 90 degrees or more, rather than sitting cross-legged to avoid aggravating it. So I usually sit with one leg poking straight out and the other folded.

Today during meditation, I was somehow prompted to use Trauma Life and Surrender. Release would have been another choice of mine but oops I’ve used it up a few days ago in diffusing for bedtime.
And the reason why that idea came to me was because I was super fascinated by Mastin Kipp’s recent IG video on where is trauma located at. Most people think that trauma is in the memory BUT here’s some fascinating facts:
1. For every 1 signal that the brain sends to the body, also known as EFFERENT DATA, 10 signals is sent by the body to the brain, known as AFFERENT DATA.

2. Thus, the body stores most of the trauma if we go by the statement above. By the way, trauma can mean different things to different folks. For a young child, it can be a scolding from his parent, or a simple fall. For adults, it can be worry over losing a job, stress over a relationship not going well, etc etc, just to quote some examples.

3. I’m also learning that when there is trauma, the body instinctively locks up as a bid to try to protect itself from further and future injuries. So it can be as extreme as a broken arm, to the common, such as tight muscles and bunched up fascia. No wonder we feel that massage and guasha is so good for us because these modalities help us to restore mobility and range of movement.

That’s also why sometimes, in a massage, especially a raindrop massage, some recipients may suddenly feel like crying when their troubled areas are being worked on since the emotional load or trauma stored in that body part is released as well.

I think there is a lot said for using YL blends that address our emotions on our body parts instead of only focusing on the physical aspect. Today I’ve noticed I’ve no discomfort in my knee. I wonder if I keep the oiling up, whether the discomfort will go away for good.

Credit: Mastin Kipp’s IG video –…

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