Injured on a holiday

We have a wonderful yacht vacation except for a minor hitch…. Ju tripped at the pier and scrapped up her knee badly. The before photo is quite bloody so I thought I’ll put both before and after, in a Google drive link if you want to see:…/1hkm2SaSH7mgrSxZAzch…/view…

Here’s what I’ve always have in my first aid kit for skin injuries:
1. Thieves spray – to clean off dirty surfaces, like grit and sand on skin. In this case, we use water instead to clean her knee since Thieves spray will probably sting on broken skin.
2. Lavender – very good for skin recovery and to calm down a crying child. We just drip neat on a clean wound.
3. Cos we have water activities afterwards, we use Helichrysum for quick scabbing of the broken skin before she went into the water. Helichrysum is also known as liquid stitches so its very useful to just drip on area and go.

The after photo is about 3 hours after the injury.

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