With God, All Things Are Possible

Merry Christmas all!

Last night I attended an online workshop by Rebecca Campbell on using a Guidance Box and was excited to create my own! The idea is simple… you pick a small box that has personal meaning to you and write a note asking for guidance for something specific in your life.
What more perfect time than now as we are heading, literally days away into 2021?

So here’s my request to God (if you do not resonate with God, please feel free to connect to the Higher Beings that you do resonate with). With this practice, it’s also about trusting and surrendering to the Divine and believing that the answer will come.

I’ve also dripped White Angelica over my note for divine guidance. Some other wonderful oils I can think of, would be Surrender, Forgiveness, Believe, Sacred Mountain, Frankincense and Sacred Angel. Or use what you are compelled to!

Close the box and if you have an altar, place it there. Else, place it at a place of meaning to you.

Here’s wishing you a beautiful end for 2020 as we wait to usher 2021 in days to come!

Credit: Thank you Frances Fuller for the Rainbow Healing glyph box and the Amber necklace!! This is such a perfect Guidance Box for me!

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