Thanks to Tammy Guthrie from my 3 Pillars coaching group, I got hold of this lovely blend recipe. Like its name, it smells divinnnnneee! #asgoodasaperfume
I’ve added Peridot crystals since it works so well with White Angelica to repel the negative and attract the wonderful in our lives. And with these oils, I think it’ll be super good for travel too! You can multiply the recipe ratios if you are going for a non diluted version which I highly encourage – the scent is so yummy!
Valor – the courage to go for new experiences
Grapefruit – take it easy with the new / exotic cuisine ๐Ÿ˜‰
Stress Away – keeping cool even with overweight luggage, flight delays, stiff muscles from shopping too much and what-nots
White Angelica – CHOY! The above mishaps wouldn’t happen! It’ll be good days ahead! #goodluckcharm
Sensation – nurtures self confidence and reminds oneself that pampering is a MUST, not a skip!
By the time you read this, I’ll be in Salt Lake City, gifting these to my team mates with a big smile!
Young Living 25th year anniversary! Bring it on!!!

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