Ready to Travel!


I’m ready to fly with my lil (and big) companion! Singapore, here we come!
Here’s some of my long haul flying hacks in my hand carry luggage:
1. Seedlings wipes for the win, not just for wiping hands during meals but also a body wipe down when I feel gross cos you know… 23 hours in the air. Do you know that its gentle enough for a feminine wipe down too?
2. Squeezing Thieves toothpaste into an empty contact lens case. Takes up so little space and making sure I don’t have a potty mouth.
3. Grr the air in the cabin is pretty dry so Genesis body lotion and Sandalwood Moisture Cream makes sure I don’t dry out like a carcass. And oh! Do you know Grapefruit lip balm is more hydrating than Lavender?
4. I chucked some Essentialzymes4, Detoxzymes, Nitro and Ningxia to keep my gut healthy and happy.
5. Thieves hand purifier and Thieves spray cos you’ll never know what you find at the loos there…
6. Just in case I’m bored of inflight entertainment, I’ve brought my large iPad fully loaded with Netflix animes and a PS Vita. I’m such a fan of otome games these days and am currently OBSESSED with Code:Realise.
All of our convention loot has been stashed away in 4 VERY LARGE luggage bags.
See you all back in Singapore in a day!

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