Empower and Boost Your Energy Centres with Crystals and Essential Oils – 15 August

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You wake up one morning after a solid night’s sleep.
There’s much gratitude… and some excitement too, because you know it’ll be a great day no matter what.
Caring colleagues.
An awesome job.
Sweet moments with your family.
You just can’t wait to start your day.

What if your days could look like that?

If you’ve experienced:

  • Fear of failure and rejection
  • Feeling “weighed” down
  • Constant self doubt
  • Mistrust others
  • Anxious over the upcoming “7th month”
  • Numbness in the heart
  • Fatigue
  • and many others,

your energy centres (aka chakras) might need some lovin’ and boostin’!

Join Jessica and Faith in this workshop and learn how to:

  • check the health of your energy centres
  • learn how to sharpen your intuition
  • unblock, revitalise and balance with simple techniques, oils and crystals

Date: Monday 15 August 22
Time: 7pm
Location: TripleOne Somerset (111 Somerset Road, 05-17 Young Living Training Room)

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