Make Love Great Again

A workshop on Libido, Pleasure and Self-Care for Women

Ladies, are you craving to unleash your inner beast or to access your inner lioness??

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If you’re looking to create more spark and oomph in between the sheets, or tackle the waning or whacky hormones, or just wanting more passion in your relationship..
You have come to the right place! This is NOT the time to be shy or ashamed!
It’s time to break the shackles and liberate yourself from obligations.
Time to put an end to boredom in the bedroom.
Or perhaps you might need some help in the communication department.
Or learn about aphrodisiac resources and tools to help bring blood flow to the nether regions.
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Date: Saturday 17 September 22
Time: 4pm to 6pm
Workshop Fee:  SGD 10
Location: Triple One Somerset (111 Somerset Road, 05-17 Young Living Training Room)


Date: Sunday 18 September 22
Time: 4pm to 6pm
Workshop Fee:  SGD 10 / USD 8

Location: Zoom

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What is the workshop about?

Bringing some zest & zing back into your bedroom

Keeping the SPARK ALIVE in your relationship

Spoiler Alert: This is not for the FAINT-HEARTED. If talking about sex, libido, or bedroom terms gets you queasy and uncomfortable, please look away. If not, you are welcome to READ ON!

Ladies, time to unleash your inner beast and access your inner lioness! Whether you want to boost the waning libido, or create more passion in between the sheets, or just seeking more pleasure and self-care in your life – you are in the right place!

You might be facing mid-life crisis, or have a demanding career with a never to do list of juggling kids, housework, crazy fluctuating hormones – it’s almost always a broken record.

I’m too tired and have no mood for sex…

The husband becomes that squeaky needy kid who just can’t take his hands off your breasts, or instigating to head towards the bedroom..

Most of the time, we either pushed him towards one side, or just sucked it up (no pun intended) to get it over and done with.

The sense of responsibility, the heaviness of obligation..

In Singapore and or in Asia, sex and intimacy has been such a taboo subject, plagued with awkwardness and even shame. Women are given labels or shun upon when the word “sex” gets loosely thrown around (once again no pun intended), or for this ridiculous thought that “women who enjoy sex are easy and whorish”.

Truth be told, I think that’s why so many women have lost interest in sex and put intimacy in the back burner. If the flip side happens, women who have a higher sex drive than their partners feel guilty about it

I have two compelling reasons and driving force behind doing this sex workshop. Firstly, I want to normalize and create this opportunity to bring awareness and openness about sex. A time and place for us to just talk about sex freely with no judgements, labels and shame. Furthermore, I want to create this safe and liberated space for women seeking to bring more OOMPH in between the sheets, a time and place to fantasize pleasure and self-care from sex. I’m giving you PERMISSION to BE YOURSELF and to let go of all inhibitions!

We all know that intimacy in a marriage can strengthen the bond and connection, boost our self-esteem and just the warm fuzzy feeling. It brings about the love hormones and is a massive stress reliever. But why do most of us let it slide and down in our priority list?

In this workshop, I would address some of the root causes. Boosting your libido isn’t just fancy dinners, shopping for your next sexy lingerie, or putting candles in the bedroom (don’t get me wrong, it’s also important!). Men indeed are from Mars, and women are from Venus. The underlying style of communication of men and women are polar opposites – which lead to an unbalanced view and coming from for intimacy.

Women, more than men, tend to feel stifled by long-term exclusivity—despite having been taught that they were designed for it. Women do require variety in the bedroom, or simply, women tend to get more bored with sex than men do in long term monogamous relationships. In my workshop, I will normalize and bring light to this issue, addressing women’s needs and what really helps to propel those toe curling orgasms.

Men can be described as animalistic when it comes to arousal and readiness. On the hand, for women, it may require a tad bit of preparation work such as movement, self-care and even Young Living essential oils and supplements. In the workshop, I will go over some basic movements that will help strengthen the pelvic region and deliver some oxygenating blood to the nether regions. Along with Young Living oils and products, let’s bring some SPICE and SPARK in between the sheets!

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