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So some time back, I did a FB Live on the oils I DETEST the smell of and what I do to resolve it… MOST with success and ONE with no success.
And the one oil that I could never never get over the smell of, is SACRED MOUNTAIN. When I announce this to my team, most of them go WUTTTT? “It smell so nice!” “It’s like the smell of winter!” “And Christmas!”
So ya well, I still don’t like it then. It wasn’t so much the smell but rather it was how ruffled I feel, like UNSETTLED.
Until I went to Bintan in Jan. The sun, the sea, the sand. All soothe my heart and my soul revel in Mother Nature. I was also working through some kinks in my emotions too and had some HUGE RELEASE there as well.
When I came back, I spotted my 5 years old Sacred Mountain winking at me from my desk. Ewww. It was so old that the address of YL SG was the very first address – at Concourse!
I cautiously picked up it. I sniffed it. Eh not too bad. I apply it all over my forehead and chest while flipping through my eo resources. Some stuff I’ve learnt:
1. Sacred Mountain creates a feeling of protection, empowerment and grounding. It helps one to find security and sacredness in oneself.
2. It helps one to connect back to Nature and God.
3. After realising the above 2, it clicks for me why I detest Sacred Mountain at first. I used to be a people pleaser and it cost me at times. What was the cost I pay for? Well I was afraid that people would judge me or not like me, and I would say or do things at times, that I wasn’t aligned to, deep down inside.
Now seeing what it is, (I think hitting 40 also helps, lol), I choose me. It’s ok if there’s folks who judge or not like me.
As long as I am clear on my values and why I do or say things in a certain way.
As long as I am clear, I will always attract my own tribe… the people who have the same values as me.
4. And lastly, Sacred Mountain is also a powerhouse for breathing and to kick “unwanted guests” from our bodies.
Do you have eos that you detest the smell of? What do you do to overcome them?

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