Gah!! Head Lice!


Gah. So Juvia caught head lice 2 weeks ago.
What happened was a week of:
1. Seeing the doctor because we really needed the MC for the school.
2. The doctor only giving 1 day MC plus this medical lotion for her scalp and hair. She claimed that it will clear it off and she would not be contagious at school the next day.
3. However, Ju’s form teacher texted us frantically the next day. Ju was scratching her head ferociously so she has to go home. (Imagine irate parents calling the school cos of an outbreak.)
4. So we brought her home and decided to quarantine her for one week.
5. Besides using the lotion for her scalp nightly according to the bottle label, we also decided to oil her hair religiously with Tea Tree, Lavender, Citronella. Die bugs die!
6. We added the same essential oils to her Kidscents shampoo and washed her hair a few times a day. Interestingly, our friends asked us to try washing her hair with Thieves mouthwash or Thieves household cleaner. Apparently bugs HATE Thieves so it’s good for us!
7. Progress check in – first day, most lice died. 2nd day, all lice were cleared off.
8. Now we have to work on the nits (eggs). We kept up with the oiling and the medical lotion. Another hack we learnt from our friends is to use either the YL Lavender Mint or Copaiba Vanilla conditioner and let it remain on the hair to comb out the sticky nits. The conditioner makes it hard for the nits to stick onto the hair! Win!
9. 2 more days, and very little were left. Jon broke the nits open and checked under the microscope. Apparently these were empty sacs. The kids can now play together, hooray!
10. A week later, Juvia returns to school. Yay!

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