Bedtime Diffusing


Recently Jon and my bedtime diffusing habits got me musing.
Jon is a faithful (ya I so punny) diffuser. He was using Lavender for AGES… like MONTHS… before he thought of trying Dreamcatcher. He emptied 2/3 of our Dreamcatcher bottles before he went on to Balsam Fir now. Must be because Christmas is coming that he picked this big tree oil. And oh, plus it’s so good for powering up those windbags in our bodies.
I, on the other hand, love to experiment! Nothing thrills me to play peek a boo with my shelf of oils in my room. Today could be Chivalry, next night could be 25 Years Young and then the 3rd is Oola Grow. Sometimes I would diffuse Celebration, just because.
Yup, you got it, I don’t really diffuse oils that help with sleep.
I diffuse what I wanna diffuse. I AM AN ADVENTUROUS DIFFUSER! Sometimes my dreams do go a little funny though… hmm.
I’ve friends who raised an eyebrow at me for diffusing oils that could have pretty invigorating for sleep but never mind, I usually sleep well and Sol, well, he usually does because of the night nursing.
So what kind of diffuser are you? Do you stick to your favourites and rarely change or is nighttime a merry go round for you? 🙂

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