Trigger Finger


When I first have baby Juvia, I was pretty devoted to breastfeeding. Well still am, since i have been breastfeeding for 7 years now, from Juvia then my second pregnancy then tandem nursing then now presently, Sol.
Unfortunately Juvia was a real sucker (lol sorry, I can’t resist using that word). During night nursing, she would latch and latch and latch until my side was sore and my arm numb. And this combined with her fast growing rate, I suddenly got… TRIGGER FINGER.
If you don’t know what trigger finger is, lemme enlighten you. 😉 It is a condition where the fingers are bent and stuck in that position. To unbend it can be uncomfortable. I had to grit my teeth, use my other hand to push the joints straight. For some like my dad, it can be excruciating if there is a lot of swelling. My impression is that trigger finger is caused by poor circulation and too much of staying in one position.
I also got Mommy’s Thumb (otherwise known as De Quervain’s tenosynovitis) which means that my thumb joint was sore too. Lifting her up would make me go ouch. Life as a new mom… le sigh.
So I thought that I would give my trusty oils a try! First I applied Deep Relief. No, nada, zip. No joy. Bleah.
Then I read that Lemongrass is pretty supportive of our ligaments. Hmmmm! So since my hands were aching, I tried Panaway, then layer with Lemongrass. I would apply a few times a day especially when I can feel my hands stiffening up. I wore a hand brace too to keep my thumb locked in place to prevent further strain.
I’m happy to report that the trigger finger and mommy’s thumb went away in a few days. Hooray!
So that was 7 years ago when I was still quite new to oiling. I guess 7 years later now, I would have add these too for extra power!
* AgilEase – cos you know, its so good for joints, muscles and bones. Helps with pain and inflammation too
* Sulfurzyme – Renewing my stiff, achey, worn out body parts? Yes please, sign me up!
* Raindrop oils – Eh if you don’t have a set of these at home, you must get must get must get. Useful tool at home that works on anything and everything and help accelerate recovery! Just make sure that the skin you apply on, is not broken or irritated or rash-y. There’s some hot oils in these.
Now its time to work on my dad…. in my next week’s posts, I will write about how to convince our parents to use the YL products! 😉 I have some good success and limited success with each of my parent.

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