Going Within


With what’s been happening in the world, I’ve found it even more important to go inwards and really be mindful of my own energy and what I put out there.
Daily, without fail, this is part of my daily routine and what I do to start my day on a beautiful note.
Feeling overwhelmed by all that Covid19 news and people sharing them? I use Palo Santo before I go out and after I return home to sever those negative energy that stick to me. I realised I get affected when I feel down, fragmented and pessimistic.
Then after clearing all that yucky energy, let’s go for something gooood! White Angelica comes in, very reassuring, gentle loving, that helps me to find joy and gratitude, even in the smallest things.
And because I’m not a hermit, Grounding comes next. Steadies me, giving me the clarity of mind on creating the day I want for myself.
My biggest challenge has always been to speak up for myself rather than to be swayed with others’ opinions. Peppermint to strengthen the energy centre (chakra) for my throat helps a lot. Some other wonderful oils are Frankincense and Endoflex.
Keeping my heart open, strong, Rose is so good for it. When I numb myself from feelings that hurt, I also shut myself off to wonderful emotions like joy and love so oiling my heart chakra is so important. Other alternatives could be Geranium, Ylang Ylang.
Then lastly my solar plexus chakra, the seat of my personal power and supporting me to take control of my life. Ahaha it’s been funny that the oils I’ve seldom use, come in useful here. I’ve finished a bottle of Carrot Seed and now I’m on Black Pepper to help energise it.
Do you have daily rituals that support you in these challenging times? Let’s share so we can help each other!

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