I love you, Mommy


When my kids grow up,
I hope they remember me as the mom who:
1. Cradles them without telling them to calm down or cheer up during their meltdowns. Trusting that children through their God given physiology, will naturally seek joy and peace when they have cried out and bottomed out their frustrations.
2. Hears her daughter’s deep need and constant seeking of her Eden and allows her to find it as she grows up without giving her the answer.
3. Understands her son’s desire to be asked, heard and acknowledged.
4. Encourages them to go run wild in the park, in the rain. Because childhood is too short.
Then come home for a good warm bath.
5. Let them see her when she’s crying or upset, takes the time to explain to them why she’s down because it’s important to express emotions that society presses us to hide.
6. Is imperfect, sometimes snaps at them cos she needs to hurry finish up a task, and loves work because it fuels her life purpose. Who knows she’s awkward at being a stay at home mom.
7. Create games for them in the car, at home, before and during this circuit breaker so they get to work off their energy.
8. Nags them to oil when they so much as cough or sniff. And smiles when her 4 year old pronounces Young Living as “Lung Living”.
9. Tries her best to be with them the ways they feel most loved; Sol with his need that mama needs to be in the same room as him, Ju when mommy brings her out on mommy daughter dates.
10. Above all, that she utterly absolutely loves them very very much.
What kind of mom would u want to be remembered by your kids for?
With the Home Based Learning coming up tomorrow for a month and many of us feeling stressed juggling our own work + our kids’ learning, please be gentle and kind to yourself too. ❤❤❤

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