I am not my own punching bag


Two weeks ago, I felt very drawn to use Present Time, Release and Forgiveness. I had a couple of challenging days where my triggers came up, like a boxer punching me left right centre, relentlessly.
Triggers like:
I do not deserve.
I am unworthy.
I’m at fault.
I’m to be blamed.
I am not good enough.
Perhaps I did wrong.
I’m not wanted. Or needed.
I felt so so defeated. Cried. Wrote out how I felt. Spoke to a good friend. Walked around the neighbourhood. Well it was more like a mad stomp rather than a leisurely stroll.
Truly everything helped.
Imperial Jasper calls out to me too. When I first held it, its soft soft loving energy embraced me and somewhere inside me, relaxed and went ahhhh…. Truly remarkable.
I wish I could tell u that I’ve used these oils and crystals and poof! I magically feel good again.
However they’ve helped me to realise that
1. it’s not my burden to shoulder, no matter how sucky and responsible I felt.
2. And I can do something about it and not feel helpless in the midst of it all.
I’m still working through my feelings.
I’m grateful for these healing modalities and for my friends.
Without them, I would still be stumbling around, still trying to make sense of things. ❤❤

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