How do you convince your parents to oil? (Part Two)


Men! Sometimes they can be the most resistant creatures on Earth… or is that just my dad? 😉 Here’s how my mom, my sis and I got him onboard with using the YL products for his health!
1. Unlike my mom who converted relatively early into an oiler How do you convince your parents to oil? (Part One), my dad is WAAAAY resistant. Like waaaaay.
2. He would scuttle away from us when we are huffing our oils or applying or going ooooh when we are up to no good in the kitchen. (Lemon tea anyone?)
3. He says “NO THANKS!” when we waved our witchy bottles and offer to give him a drop. Trrrryyy? Tryyyy!!! Papa goes, IT’S OK!! And runs off to a safe corner in the house. Which by the time my mom got onboard, sadly for him, has greatly reduced.
4. Background – my dad used to be a pharmaceutical engineer. He KNOWS how to make OTC drugs. Panadol? Ya he can tell you how to make it in the lab! He used to bring back free painkillers and NSAIDs for us.
5. However he also knows the side effects of these medications so he also caution us on not being overly reliant on it. Case in point, when he is unwell, he actually refuse to take medication and prefer to sleep or rest to get better. Letting his immunity fight it out, he says.
6. The cruncher came when 4 years ago, because of his job as a despatch rider, my dad would get so many aches and pains. He had a bunch of problems – trigger fingers, frozen shoulder, stiff leg. These create poor sleep for him too since he couldn’t find a good position to sleep well.
7. It got so painful that he asked my mom, “What oils can help?”
8. Let the experimenting begin! He found raindrop helps a lot and likes Deep Relief too. He tried the Cool Azul Pain Cream but was so so with it.
9. This year, we are testing the YL CBD muscle rub on him. It really helps and he loves it!
10. I convinced him to take AgilEase or BLM too for his joints. To be honest, I think he’s not very diligent because my mom doesn’t ask me to replenish that often. Hmm.
He also got onto Omegagize with my mom because he believes that a supplement for brain, heart and eyes is critical. He was skeptical about taking it at first since he has read an article in the papers on how fish oil supplements can actually create health problems.
When I explained that there are essential oils in Omegagize that preserved the shelf life of the fish oils in the capsules AND
increase the absorption rate for the body, he was intrigued. When I shared next that the fishes used for Omegagize were the small fishes from pristine water instead of the sea fishes that comes with the risk of heavy metal toxin load, he readily jump onboard the Omegagize bandwagon!
My dad and mom loves the old farm Peppermint by Young Living. To them its like their “feng you”. They would rub some Peppermint on their heads, under their noses and go ahhhhhh. So for them, I bought plenty of Peppermint so they can sniff and stayed energetic to their hearts’ content. It does help for my dad too when he’s on the bike on the road during his working hours.
Papa is still resistant to Ningxia Red though but I am working on it! With the recent 15% off Ningxia Red promo, I’ve sent boxes of it to his home and asked Mama to nag him to take. A friend of mine shared with me that it helps for her hubs’ frozen shoulder and I want to tackle the same for my dad! Fingers crossed!
Unfortunately my dad chose to go for a second trigger finger injection to straighten his fingers. However once the doctor heard that he has already went for a previous session, he told my dad that he cannot get another injection; the only way forward is surgery on his fingers. So 2 weeks ago, I’ve urged my dad again to try Panaway and Lemongrass and be diligent with taking AgilEase and Sulfurzyme.
Checking in with my mom on him a couple of days ago and I’m thankful that the trigger fingers have been getting better!
Lessons learnt from convincing my dad to try:
1. Seeing how satisfied my mom is with her YL products, slowly open my dad’s mind bit by bit.
2. He has a funny quirk – he would ask my mom to apply for him but he DOESN’T WANT apply on himself. Aiyoh, he wants his wife to pamper him! So its really much kudos to my mom for oiling him every night!
3. Giving him Peppermint and he falling in love with the super minty smell!
4. Go slow and gentle with my dad. Sometimes unfortunately I have to wait for him to ask for something (usually when he cannot tahan the pain or discomfort) then he would use.
5. Never never never give up. 🙂

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