How Ningxia Red Saved My Mama’s health (Post 2 of 2)


When I first offered Ningxia Red to my mom, she took a few sachets.
Tried it hesitantly.
And like all moms, her eyes bugged out when she heard of the price.
“Eh Faith ah Faith, you keep this for yourself. Don’t spend like this on me, so expensive.” Well… it was a few days later, my mom sheepishly called me and reversed her decision.
“Eh, you know that packet you gave me? That what red drink?”
“Ningxia Red?”
“Ya ya that one. Er, can you give me a few packets again?” (Yes she referred to them as packets, like packet drinks, instead of sachets.)
So this daughter was so gleeful that she gave a whole box to her mama. And asked how, why, she changed her mind.
“Aiyoh, I felt really cui when I stopped drinking it.” For those who are not familar with Singaporean slang, “cui” means worn out.
You might have seen in my earlier posts in this group on how my mom keeps well and looks well even when she’s in her 70s now. Well that is really mostly due to Ningxia Red and her oils. 🙂 I truly believe that these have helped her to slow down aging and keep her well I’m these years.
So very grateful for these products!

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