How Digize Saved My Mum (Post 1 of 2)


When my mom was in her 50s and at the start of her menopause, her health took a sudden dip. From a strong and robust woman who rarely fall sick and brimming full of energy and life, she was suddenly lethargic, listless, and alarmingly, lost almost half her body weight.
She was worried. We all were. I remembered those times because it was also when she started seeing doctors really often. Not a month goes by that she would pop by at the clinic, queuing up to see our family doctor and later, my cousin who is a doctor too and specialises in X ray analysis.
They couldn’t find out what was wrong with her. She constantly felt nauseous, would puke, and have a lot of problems digesting. Because of this, my once plump and stalwart looking mom became frail and thin in a matter of the weeks.
In the end, my cousin concluded that she has overly long intestinal tract which “might have caused too much wind” for her. So my mom was stuck. I mean how do you fix that? Surgery or anything equally invasive wouldn’t be the answer. Neither can she keep taking medication from the doctors for her tummy. So she suffered through it for the next few years.
Then came the year 2012 when I was first introduced to Young Living. In my set of oils, there is a strange oil called “DiGize”. I looked it up and went ohhh, maybe this could help her. And passed it to her.
At that time when she first applied on her tums, she didn’t magically got better. She was put off by the strong smell of DiGize and then she got rashes on her tummy which put her off even further. She stopped using it real quick.
It was only when my parents and my sis went for a cruise and she caught food poisoning that my sis urged her to use it.
“You can even put it on your soles so you don’t get that rash! It will help!”
My mom trusting my sis, did just that. Over that few days on the ship, she kept applying and she got better. (Now her daily regime is Digize and Thieves on soles lol).
Because she gave it a chance and applied consistently, she began to realise that not only has it helped with her food poisoning, it also has that magical effect of loosening her tightly wounded up intestines. Well that’s how she described it. Looser, she said. And it really helps since it helps her to purge what her body wanted to expel.
The bloat went off. Her appetite started coming back. She gained a little weight and got back some of her vitality. And when I introduced Ningxia Red to her later, it was the final puzzle piece of health that fell into place for her.
More of that in my next post –…alth-post-2-of-2/

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