Aminowise my aches away!


This is how it’s like every night. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.
No matter if we have upgraded to a KING sized bed + single mattress. And there’s enough room for a herd of elephants.
I would wake up to find my neck and shoulder stiffening up and an innocent Sol squeezing headspace with me on MY PILLOW.
Or Juvia would have rolled over and slung her long legs over my torso.
Every night, I would be playing tetris. HUMAN TETRIS.
Rearranging the pillows.
Rearranging the kids so we all fit nicely together with ample room to spare.
Sometimes I’ll be carrying one kid and line him up on the bed.
Other times, it would be rolling the other kid like a sausage over to HER SIDE of the bed.
I’ve tried all tactics – putting a bolster between each kid like the Causeway between Singapore and Malaysia.
Or bundling them together so that this mama will have ample space for herself. Still these kids will rock and roll until again, I am hanging on the side of the mattress for dear life.
Oh my poor aching shoulders, neck and back!
I’ve tried many oils. Deep Relief. Panaway. Peppermint. Pain Azul Pain Cream. It’s great relief but soon the shiok-ness fade off and I would be creaking like their great grandma for the rest of the day.
I grumbled to Deny Sentosa and she said, “Why not try Aminowise? My hubs has the same problem and it helps!”
Could it be? All along I thought Aminowise was for those who workout regularly whereby it supports muscle recovery, combats fatigue and reduce lactic acid during exercise. I didn’t know it’s also great for people like me. Ok ok COUCH POTATOES like me.
So I opened mine and concoct a drink with it. I like the taste!
I made it a point to drink each day and at Day 2 when I woke up, I didn’t feel like an old woman anymore. Great!
So here’s the deets about Aminowise:
1. It actually has 3 blends inside
– Muscle Performance blend aids muscle building and repair.
– Recovery blend helps reduce muscle fatigue
(Above 2 pts apply too for those who have to pick up after your untidy kids, carry your young ones or you are like me, locked into prawn like positions each night.)
– Hydration Mineral blend replenishes important minerals lost in daily activities
Let’s also talk about the amino acids in Aminowise and where they are needed in:
the nervous system
for our brain and gut health
cellular and muscle repair
2. In addition, amino acids are super important to emotional balancing, sleep, and weight.
Want more science behind why we need amino acids? Here’s a useful and detailed article by Dr Tom Nikkola on it:
Cartoon credits: Jonathan Teo and Sol Teo

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