If you are an oiler, how do you store your oils?


If you are an oiler, how do you store your oils?
I noticed that depending on which room in my home, we are different oils organised and stored everywhere!
In my studyroom, I have a cascading tier shelf where I place my productivity, creativity and mood boosting oils. My favourite so far?
❤ Inspiration when I need a creative brain juice boost!
❤Joy because I believe it’s really possible to love what you do.
❤ Motivation when I need a kick in the pants (ok ok let’s be gentle Faith, it’s more of a gentle prod and nudge) for the stuff I defo procrastinate on. Lololol. Sometimes I switched Motivation to Light The Fire when I really need to GO GO GO!
Our bedrooms have the usual sleep oils – Lavender, Dream Catcher, Orange, Cedarwood, RC (sometimes the aircon gives our kids the sniffles). Interestingly both kids also love Geranium for bedroom diffusing. Since it’s also for emotional healing and balance, I would say DIFFUSE AWAY!
Our dining room and kitchen (and even fridge shelf!) have all kinds of oils for family health… and for the kids’ studies since they usually do their work at the dining table. Sometimes when the stress is high, I get Stress Away chugging away in our Owl diffuser and in the AromaLux to reduce squabbles. What can I say? The Teo gang is a feisty lot.
I often like to diffuse Lime to perk everyone up especially on sleepy mornings and sluggish afternoons.
Storage wise, we keep things simple, nothing fancy. We basically separate them in different drawers (5 ml) / boxes (15 ml). I must say, we do need a centralised system of drawers for our oils though! Defo we’ll cater this in for our upcoming reno.

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