My Daily Survival Kit


So ya the new norm. Working from home most of the times.
Truth is with the family’s daily schedule, I tend start work late morning or early afternoon when the younger one goes to school. Which isn’t my ideal time since I’m the sort that likes an early start to my day.
AFTERNOONS ARE ACTUALLY MY WORST TIMES for productivity and focus.
So since I started working more in my study since 2 months ago, I have snucked a box of Ningxia Red sachets + Nitros in there. It has been days of snucking up my little lovely red drinks…. till the extent that my peeps got used to seeing me with a sachet hanging from my mouth like a dawg 🤣🤣 on Zoom. Or me forgetting to MUTE (hahhah, sorry sorry) and SUCKING my nitro in great gusto just because I refuse to leave any last drop behind in that tiny tube.
Perhaps Nitro needs to come with bigger openings so I can hover every last bit up. Lololol.
And that Sorceror’s Stone, Nuummite? Well you know, the entrepreneurship journey can be ridden with self doubt at times. Plus I really want to be in a good space when I work and create. So I’ve a great fondness for Nuummite to keep me steady.
What is your daily survival kit now? Do you still work from home or do you have to return to office?

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