There’s this couple that had been married for over 30 years but it wasn’t a marriage founded on love. They had multiple children together, and out of the decades they were married, the husband had never said or expressed any amount of love. He was a very harsh man in their marriage. He was a farmer… and would be gone from sun up to sun down.
The wife asked Gary,
“What oil can I use to help my husband love me?”
Insert Joy, which at that time, used to be called Love.
Gary told her to diffuse it in the house when he was gone,
and put it in the big toe area of his shoes,
and also in his underwear.
But however, her husband hated all oils.
He hated every time she used them.
And would verbally abuse her for it.
So Gary suggested the moment he leaves for the day, start the diffuser and then turn it off hours before, and open the windows to “air out” the smell. He said the oils will get into the furniture, curtains, and walls, so even though you air out the smell, the oil constituents and benefits will still be in the room.
She asked Gary, “But how long will it take?”
Gary said, “Well I don’t know but just do it!” 😉
So she did this every day for 6 months, and one day her hubs came back early because his tractor broke down. The home still smelled of Joy.
Both Gary and the wife FROZE.
“What’s that smell?!”
Gary blurted out, “Well that’s just Joy!”
The farmer said, “That’s a nice smell! How come you never used this one before?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Then the farmer
walked across the living room,
into the kitchen,
wrapped his arms around her,
and said, “I love you.”
The first time in 37 years.
Story as shared by Laura Crews Dow.

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