Let Charcoal do the Work


When I read that the new Orange Blossom Charcoal Bar Soap was able to pull out dirt and impurities from skin, I was intrigued. Because… I have pretty good skin except for my chin which I nicknamed “MY TROUBLED CHIN”. -___-;;
My chin breaks out when the weather has been hot and I’m not able to seek cool refuge throughout the day. Or when my period is coming. Or sometimes there is some pesky blocked white pores. And I know I should not but have always given into the urge to SQUEEEEEEZE. >.<;;
So I have been using the bar soap for 2 weeks now and I must say I love it to the point that it may replace the ART facial cleanser for me. I always thought soaps would be drying for my sensitive skin but CBS prove me wrong. I have combination skin – slightly oily T zone and normal skin on the cheeks. CBS is also ideal for oily skin or acne prone skin too.
It left my skin squeaky clean while the aloe vera and essential oils in the soap does a nice job of keeping my skin hydrated. So there is no dryness at all! And since I am the minimalist kinda woman when it comes to beauty and personal care products, I like the fact that CBS doubles up too as a body soap. My chin is clearing up nicely now too.
Orange Blossom Charcoal Bar Soap is available in YL USA. So get yourself some inky goodness today! 😀

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