Sticker Rampage


You see THEM circles in the photo?
Yup, I bought them.
30 OF THEM to be exact.
Jon and I finally configured our Zyto machine for scanning us and others. You can say that it is like a health check kinda machine. And it’s pretty darn accurate in pinpointing what my body could be out of balance in.
For example, on that day, I didn’t eat anything at all since I woke up. I had a crick in my neck thanks to a too high pillow.
When the report came out, Zyto asked me to:
1. drink the YL Pure Protein Vanilla Shake (I didn’t realise it was because I was running on empty until Deny Sentosa ask me whether I have eaten, lol)
2. Take AgilEase. It’s a supplement for bones, ligaments and muscles.
Well played, Zyto, well played.
Then I peered at the rest of my report and frowned. What… are these stressors??? I had Electromagnetic listed as a stressor for my sleep, my detoxification system. It’s also listed as a toxic stress for me. The numbers look high. EEPS. Then I realised that….
I am guilty of sleeping with my tablet, phone and iPad SWITCHED ON in my room. Otherwise known as EMF devices. Yikes. My head! My body! A quick “Ask Facebook” activity and I found these handy anti radiation discs on Amazon and bought them!
I shall be going on a STICKER RAMPAGE in the house. Stick stick stick on our family devices, the Wifi modem and even the computer. (Jon joked that we should stick them on our head too. *rolls eyes*)
I will scan myself again in a month’s time.
P.S. If you want an eo alternative, try Melrose, Melaleuca Quinquenervia, Patchouli. These are also great if you wanna protect yourself too during travel at those airport scans.
P.P.S. If you wanna get the same discs as me, here’s the link:…/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_1moRBbM7MBKCP
According to my friend who is pretty sensitive to EMF, she likes these and find that 2 is needed to keep the EMF reduced for mobile phones. Bigger devices like computers and tablets would need more.

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