Of Honouring My Own Yearnings in a Harried World


After our #OneDrop #Overflow retreat in January, one of my latent longings awoke in me.
I wrote earlier about how unsettled I feel with Sacred Mountain
 and it was an eo that I tried using and failed working through it with earlier. Until I realised in Overflow that it was actually pointing to something that I’ve stopped doing for myself.
When I was in my teens, I was always drawn to meditation (honestly I love and resist it at the same time), walking and soaking in Nature. One of my happiest memories is going to the park near my school after exams and just sit and chat with a friend for hours. I felt recharged and grounded after these excursions.
But as I grew older, I let go of these practices. The meditations and walks became less and less frequent, and when deep inside, my soul crave for it, I made excuses.
“I’m too busy.”
“I’ve gotta get this task done first.”
“That can wait.”
“It’s not important.”
Life was more hectic after being a mother 5 years ago. Motherhood is funny. Biologically, it rewires our brains. From focusing on oneself before motherhood TO even the extent of sacrificing our well being for our kids. Mother’s guilt is real and apparent for sure in this fast paced, high expectations, “social media inundated” world.
I’ve also noticed myself become more triggered in my responses, more scattered, more adept at avoiding what’s coming up for me, and yet there is an underlying restlessness in me.
So 2018 has been about getting back to these practices. I hesitate calling these “spiritual practices” but I acknowledge that they have been crucial in helping me getting anchored and (somewhat) calm especially during the rollercoaster moments in my life.
This week I will be writing a little about what these entail + oils. I hope you may find value in this and as always, thank you for being such a supportive community as I capture these snapshots of my life. 🙂

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