Old-School Oilers Unite!

Sly wink.

How many mamas here are RELIEVED AND OVERJOYED that their kids are back to school today?
I too was overjoyed when I was rummaging thru my mom’s oil stash and found these!
1. Three bottles of 15 ml Peace and Calming! All mah old oilers, where are you??? Remember the days where PnC was sold in 15 ml and never 5 ml???
2. One 5 ml old school label PnC too, must be from the old Everyday oils set.
3. Original Valor! The one with Rosewood inside!!! Waaah!
This daughter hurriedly squireled these gems home since my mom don’t use them. She prefers her Rutavala, Lavender and she only uses Valor in the Raindrop set.
It’s ok, I sayang them. No more neglect. You’ll be well loved (and frequently used) in my home!

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